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Why Adhere to International Standards for Phytosanitary Measures (ISPM) for Pallets and Wooden Containers? 

Pests associated with wood packaging materials are known to have negative impacts on biodiversity in their nonnative environments which can ultimately degrade forest health.  Implementation of ISPM 15 standards significantly reduce the likelihood of spreading pests and subsequently their negative impacts.

Alternative treatments, such as methyl bromide and other chemicals, have been known to deplete the ozone layer and cause pollution to the environment.  Heat treating is environmentally safe, reliable and is the most effective known treatment for pallets and wooden containers.
Heat Treating for Exportable Pallets

Shank Pallet Recyclers Inc. has been a certified ISPM 15 heat treat facility since April 2004.  All of our heat treating is done on site at our main facility.