Every part of our process is as eco-friendly as possible.  Our scrap wood is shred and chipped into animal bedding that is used by local farmers in the Cumberland Valley area...

...making even our byproduct green.
AJ Pallet has been a certified ISPM 15 heat treat facility since April 2004.  
All of our heat treating is done on site at our main facility.
Strong, Lightweight and Fully Customizable
Minimal shipping costs with maximum protection for your products.
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Both of our state of the art facilities are enclosed and equipped with docks to move product as quickly and efficiently.


Shank Pallet Recyclers Inc. is a privately owned business that specializes in refurbishing pallets, manufacturing custom-sized pallets and fabricating crates and boxes to meet your shipping needs.
From enormous boxes and unique crates, to each and every pallet that leaves our warehouse, SPR Inc. holds to the promise of integrity in business, knowledge of our trade, skills to get the job done right and professional service to your business.
AJ Pallet Facilities
Crates and Boxes

We have been building crates and boxes for years.  We understand what it takes to ship everything from large, cumbersome materials, to shipping fragile and unique cargo such as aircraft props and high-performance engines.

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